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  • The Hag

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Pictures Shine

~ a blast of witch, a scream
of hag
, a flash of this
unmistakable face is
just enough to make
your senses tingle;
whether trundling round
a corner through “Snow
White’s Scary Adventures
or… at your very own
kitchen window

~ Douglas used less shading
on the hood of the Hag’s
cloak than her hunch,
to leave an unnerving
feeling of this Peddler
coming out of
darkness, from this
spartan and stylish art,
towards the observer

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Available in four versions:

3.5"x2.5" Snow White
Witch ACEO card (Open Edition)

Snow White Witch ACEO card

13"x9.5" Snow White
Witch Art Print

13" x 9.5" Snow White Witch Art Print

19"x13" Snow White
Witch Super Size

19" x 13" Snow White Witch Art Print

13"x9.5" Snow White
Witch Hand Embellished (NLE 6)

13" x 19.5" Snow White Witch Bespoke Art Print

- as unframed, giclée, fine art prints of a mixed media still-life study drawing by Douglas Rickard of the WDCC “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” Evil Witch (in Boat) sculpture, “Poisonous Plot

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Archival, museum / gallery quality heavyweight watercolor paper, watermarks not on products
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