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  • Fantasia Characters

~ spot a baby Pegasus,
one of the cupids
and Sorcerer
as you glide back
to 1940, through a
Fantasia” vignette

~ an homage to
“Beastly Kingdom,”
a never-built theme
park land with a
“Fantasia” boat ride

~ drawings of these
mythical creatures
turned into stone…
or rather porcelain
are planted around
the Walt Disney
Classics Collection
“Enchanted Places”
Fantasia” gazebo


Available in four versions:
3.5"x2.5" Fantasia
Characters ACEO card

Fantasia Characters ACEO card
13"x9.5" Fantasia
Characters Art Print

13" x 9.5" Fantasia Characters Art Print

19"x13" Fantasia
Characters Super Size

Super Size Fantasia Characters Art Print
13"x9.5" Fantasia Characters
Hand Embellished (NLE 40)

13" x 9.5" Fantasia Characters Bespoke Art Print

- as unframed, giclée, fine art prints of mixed-media still-life study drawings by Douglas Rickard of the WDCC sculptures (clockwise from top) Mademoiselle Upanova: “Prima Ballerina,” part of Cupids on Pillar: “Love’s Little Helpers,” part of Bacchus and Jacchus: “Braying Bacchanalia,” Blue Centaurette: “Beauty in Bloom,” Medium Mushroom: “Mushroom Dancer,” Sorcerer Mickey: “Mischievous Apprentice,” Dew Drop Fairy: “Celebration of Spring,” Pegasus Family: “Mythic Menagerie” and of the WDCC Enchanted Places sculpture Gazebo: “Pastoral Setting

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Archival, museum / gallery quality heavyweight watercolor paper, watermarks not on products
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