20 years of the WDCC and
the Drawings by Douglas Rickard


Stories, Castles and

Alice in Wonderland Characters | Fantasia Characters |
| Pinocchio Characters |

“STORY LINES” ~ through imaginative positioning, displays of WDCC sculptures seem to interact and in “Story Lines” tales are told through the placing of characters to produce a story flow.
'Story Lines - Alice in Wonderland Characters 1' art prints
Alice in Wonderland
'Story Lines - Fantasia Characters 1' art prints
Fantasia Characters

'Story Lines - Pinocchio Characters' art prints

“In 2004 I sat down and decided to draw one of these sculptures. ‘The Walt Disney Classics Collection,’ true-to-the-film porcelain figurines, sometimes plussed with precious metals and tiny crystals, ran from 1992 for 20 years. It was cleaning their cabinets, like those in the video below, before Guests entered our store, when I first fell for these fine animation sculpts, on one of my early morning shifts back in 1994.”

“Even vintage maquettes animators used as guides, in the making of Walt Disney’s movies like “Fantasia” don’t seem to have literally stepped out of the film, in both form and color in the same way as the WDCC figurines which precisely mirror their on-screen movements. After all, original animators like Marc Davis had been around at the beginning with advice for translating their creations into porcelain.”

| Castle of Snow White | Castle of The Prince and Cinderella |

FAIRYTALE CASTLES ~ oil pastel drawings of Walt Disney Classics Collection Enchanted Places sculptures, in regal skies, with the essence of Princesses.
'Castle of Snow White' art prints
Castle of
Snow White

'Castle of the Prince and Cinderella' art prints
Castle of
The Prince
and Cinderella

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| Queen of Hearts | Tweedle Dee, Cheshire Cat, White Rabbit |
| Caterpillar | Mad Hatter, Tweedle Dum | Alice |

Douglas Rickard drawing WDCC sculpture still lifes 'In Wonderland - Caterpillar' art prints

“IN DARKEST WONDERLAND” ~ linking hedges and juxtaposing art cards creating a higgledy-piggledy layout in this maze cyclorama, four pictures representing a continuous scene, snap into proportion!
'In Wonderland - Queen of Hearts' art prints
- The Queen
of Hearts

'In Wonderland - Tweedle Dee, Cheshire Cat White Rabbit' art prints
- Tweedle
Cat and
'In Wonderland - Mad Hatter Tweedle Dum' art prints
- The
Mad Hatter
and Tweedle

'In Wonderland - Alice' art prints
- Alice

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Painterly Oils Atop
Charcoal Faces

| Tinker Bell | Cinderella Characters | Ariel and Eric’s Wedding |
| Dopey | Happy | Sneezy | Sleepy |
| Cheshire Cat | Jiminy Cricket | Gepetto and Pinocchio |
| Devil Donald Duck | Donald has a Choice |
| Angel Donald Duck |

CHARCOAL AND OIL CHARACTERS ~ Still-Life portraits of porcelain personalities
'Charcoal and Oil - Tinker Bell' art prints
Tinker Bell

'Charcoal and Oil - Donald has a Choice - Numbered Limited Edition' art prints
Donald Duck

'Charcoal and Oil - Devil Donald Duck - Numbered Limited Edition' art prints
Donald Duck

'Charcoal and Oil - Angel Donald Duck - Numbered Limited Edition' art prints
Donald Duck

'Charcoal and Oil - Happy' art prints

'Charcoal and Oil - Dopey' art prints

'Charcoal and Oil - Sneezy' art prints

'Charcoal and Oil - Sleepy' art prints

'Charcoal and Oil - The Cheshire Cat' art prints
The Cheshire

'Charcoal and Oil - Jiminy Cricket' art prints
Jiminy Cricket

'Charcoal and Oil - Gepetto and Pinocchio' art prints
Gepetto and Pinocchio

'Story Lines - Cinderella Characters 1' art prints

'Charcoal and Oil - Ariel and Eric's Wedding' WDCC 'The Little Mermaid' still-life art prints
Ariel and Eric

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“an extraordinary artist with depth
and emotion… whose vision breathes
new life into old friends… wonderful
interpretations of classic Disney!”

Earl, Sacramento, CA (Mar /May ‘04)
(date verifiable in eBay Member profile,
“art-galleria,” Mar /May ‘04)

“A unique circle; 3-dimensional sculptures inspired by original cel paintings, now themselves the objects for my still-life studies to leave as again, 2-dimensional drawings. I have wondered what so many people have seen in my renditions they enjoy. Maybe it’s the combination of my painterly layered-on oil pastel style often ‘half-completed’ over dusty charcoal smudges and strong lines.

Douglas Rickard drawing WDCC sculpture still lifes WDCC still-life study

I try to bring ‘another realm’ into my other art of everyday objects, living creatures and places. And with this series too, conjointly with my signature style, I think something else has caused a response from many Buyers of my WDCC still-lifes. More than just my own type of ‘energy’ has been infused into these drawings of objects that were once clay. The porcelain figurines from modern day genius artists such as the sensitive master sculptor Kent Melton, and David Pacheco, the deep-seated intuitive who shepherded this line, have evoked in my artwork a peculiar mélange of my art technique and personal affection. My own emotion on paper towards the authenticity of these Walt Disney Classics Collection sculptures, are perhaps what is stamped and pressed into each oil pastel mark and charcoal reaction.”

From New Orleans
Square to Tarrytown

| Hitchhiking Ghosts | The Headless Horseman |

“AROUND THE HAUNTED MANSION” ~ you’d better get ahead and pick up these Halloween ACEO cards, the only traces left, as other versions have headed for parts unknown.
'Around the Haunted Mansion - Hitchhiking Ghosts' ACEO cards
Hitchhiking Ghosts

'Around the Haunted Mansion - The Headless Horseman' ACEO cards
The Headless-Horseman

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Colors Embedded like Jewels within
a Gleaming White Background

| Evil Queen and the Heart Box |Maleficent and her Staff |
| The Hag | Hades | Cruella De Vil | Yzma |
| Lady | Marie | The Cheshire Cat | Dumbo |

“WHERE PICTURES SHINE” ~ sweeping strokes boost the ‘style factor,’ for these art deco villains and beloved faces are aesthetic close ups that could almost be decorative calligraphy.
'Evil Queen and the Heart Box' art prints
Evil Queen and
the Heart Box -
Limited Edition

'Maleficent and her Staff' art prints
and her Staff -
Limited Edition

'Where Pictures Shine - Hades' art prints

'Cruella De Vil' art prints
Cruella De Vil

'Where Pictures Shine - The Hag' art prints
The Hag

'Yzma' art prints
Yzma -
Limited Edition

'Lady Gives You Her Paw' art prints
Lady Gives You
Her Paw -
Limited Edition

'Marie' art prints
Marie -
Limited Edition

'The Cheshire Cat' art prints
The Cheshire Cat

'Dumbo' art prints
Dumbo -
Numbered Limited Edition

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Oil Pastel Colors Create
‘Super Powered’ Luminosity

| Simba | Aladdin | Mowgli | Peter Pan |
| Super Heroic Tinker Bell |

“SUPER HEROIC” ~ the colorful world of the future Lion King is about to become dark and full of danger, while other WDCC sculptures of leading characters have been drawn in an anime style with strong outlines, at up-close ‘comic book’ angles.
'Simba - You Are My Son' Hero Art Card
Simba - You Are
My Son -
Hero Art Card

'Super Heroic - Aladdin' Hero Art Card
Art Card

'Super Heroic - Mowgli' Hero Art Card
Art Card

'Super Heroic - Peter Pan' Hero Art Card
Peter Pan
Art Card

'Super Heroic- Tinker Bell' art prints
Bell Art

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“Something very different was about to be released under the WDCC name by a new licensee in 2013, but the ire of collectors possibly ensured the line was instead, encased into a ‘vault’. Pixar and Disney animation of today appear 3-dimensional already, so perhaps the Walt Disney Classics Collection’s purpose of accurately giving us cel-painted characters as 3-dimensional sculptures was complete.”

“See a vast array of the figurines in the video above, during one of Castle China’s WDCC events at which I’d been invited to share my work, which originally came about after after a personal suggestion from one of my Buyers. Like their collectors, perhaps you might consider either including one of my still-lifes to compliment a sculpt you own, or simply gifting one, as another Buyer did (below) with a tiny “Charcoal and Oil - Tinker Bell” ACEO, to the reference model for Tinker Bell herself, Margaret Kerry!

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs ACEO art

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“The End”

| Rose Petals - Belle and Beast | Maleficent |
| Aurora and Phillip |
| Flora, Fauna and Merryweather |

“WEDDINGS ‘N’ ROMANCE” ~ you may just love these happy endings even more with added rose petals and sparkly fairy dust.
'Rose Petals - Belle and Beast' art prints
Rose Petals -
Belle and Beast

'Blue to Pink - Flora Fauna-and Merryweather' Art Card
Blue to Pink -
Flora, Fauna and

'Blue to Pink - Maleficent' Art Card
Blue to Pink -

'Blue to Pink - Aurora and Phillip' Art Card
Blue to Pink -
Aurora and

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