Still-Lifes of WDCC Art
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“Weddings ‘n’ Romance”

| Beauty and the Beast - The Ballroom | Rose Petals - Belle and Beast |

| Maleficent | Aurora and Phillip | Flora, Fauna and Merryweather |

| Ariel and Eric | Ursula |

Weddings ‘n’

'Beauty and the Beast - The Ballroom' art prints

Beauty and the Beast -
The Ballroom

'Rose Petals - Belle and Beast' art prints

Rose Petals -
Belle and Beast

  'Blue to Pink - Maleficent' Art Card

Blue to Pink -

'Blue to Pink - Aurora and Phillip' Art Card

Blue to Pink -
Aurora and

'Blue to Pink - Flora Fauna-and Merryweather' Art Card

Blue to Pink -
Flora, Fauna and

    'Seaside Ceremony - Ariel and Eric' art prints

Ceremony -
Ariel and Eric
'Seaside Ceremony - Ursula' art prints

Ceremony -
“Perhaps it’s the perfection combination of my layered on oil pastel style
and three dimensional sculptures which has complimented beloved personalities
in a way people have not come across before.”

WDCC still-life study

One Buyer, Earl from Sacramento, CA, called Douglas
“an extraordinary artist with depth and emotion... whose vision
breathes new life into old friends... wonderful interpretations of classic Disney!”

Douglas Rickard drawing WDCC sculpture still lifes

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