Still-Lifes of WDCC Art
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“Where Pictures Shine” and Heroes

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| Simba | Aladdin | Mowgli | Peter Pan | Tinker Bell |

Colors embedded like jewels within a white background that seems ‘brighter’. Sweeping strokes boost the ‘style factor,’ after all the Evil Queen and the Hag could be combined, still the most stylish and darkest of villains ever! Beloved faces of Lady, Marie, the Cheshire Cat and Dumbo are aesthetic close ups that could almost be decorative calligraphy.

Pictures Shine

'Evil Queen and the Heart Box' art prints

Evil Queen and
the Heart Box -
Limited Edition

'Maleficent and her Staff' art prints

and her Staff -
Limited Edition

'Where Pictures Shine - The Hag' art prints

The Hag

'Where Pictures Shine - Hades' art prints


'Yzma' art prints

Yzma -
Limited Edition

'Lady Gives You Her Paw' art prints

Lady Gives You
Her Paw -
Limited Edition
'Marie' art prints

Marie -
Limited Edition

'The Cheshire Cat' art prints

The Cheshire Cat

'Dumbo' art prints

Dumbo -
Limited Edition

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The colorful world of the future Lion King, Simba is about to become dark and full of danger. And WDCC sculptures of Aladdin, Mowgli, Peter Pan and Tinker Bell have been drawn with strong outlines, at up-close ‘comic book’ angles, in which oil pastel colors create a kind of ‘super powered’ luminosity.

Super Heroic

'Simba - You Are My Son' Hero Art Card

Simba - You Are
My Son -
Hero Art Card

'Super Heroic - Aladdin' Hero Art Card

Art Card
'Super Heroic - Mowgli' Hero Art Card

Art Card
'Super Heroic - Peter Pan' Hero Art Card

Peter Pan
Art Card
'Super Heroic- Tinker Bell' art prints

Tinker Bell
Art Prints

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