Still-Lifes of WDCC Art
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Castles, Characters and Wonderland

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Through imaginative positioning, displays of WDCC sculptures seem to interact, in “Story Lines,” tales are told through the juxtaposition of characters to produce a story flow.


'Story Lines - Pinocchio Characters' art prints


'Story Lines - Alice in Wonderland Characters 1' art prints

Alice in Wonderland

'Story Lines - Fantasia Characters 1' art prints

Fantasia Characters


'Castle of the Prince and Cinderella' art prints

Castle of
The Prince
and Cinderella
'Castle of Snow White' art prints

Castle of
Snow White


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Linking hedges and juxtaposing art cards creating a higgledy-piggledy layout in this maze cyclorama, four pictures representing a continuous scene, the Queen of Hearts, Tweedle Dee and Dum, Mad Hatter and Alice snap into proportion!

In Darkest

'In Wonderland - Queen of Hearts' art prints

In Wonderland - The Queen
of Hearts

'In Wonderland - Tweedle Dee, Cheshire Cat White Rabbit' art prints

In Wonderland -
Tweedle Dee,
Cheshire Cat
and White Rabbit

  'In Wonderland - Caterpillar' art prints

In Wonderland
- The Caterpillar
'In Wonderland - Mad Hatter Tweedle Dum' art prints

In Wonderland -
The Mad Hatter
and Tweedle Dum
'In Wonderland - Alice' art prints

In Wonderland
- Alice

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