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“How my Buyers display collections led to my decision to release two more villains in the ‘Where Pictures Shine’ series. Odd numbers of art on display produces a satisfying dynamic, so Hades and Cruella bring the count of two other full length portraits (the Evil Queen and Maleficent) and two other ‘landscape’ close ups (Yzma and the Hag) to three each…

*Charcoal and
Oil - Sleepy

*Isaac Newton
Quotes -
Madness of
a Multitude
*Where Pictures
Shine - Cruella
De Vil

My most challenging 2016 release needed to be recognizable but at the same time, something totally unique and new. Drawn in my own ‘painterly’ almost sketch-like technique, from a well known work of art, my Isaac Newton portrait has not only his quotation about planets but the heavenly bodies themselves tangled up in this 17th century scientist’s wig.
Despite a two year wait after the release of Happy, the addition of Sleepy to the ‘Charcoal and Oil’ set began the much Buyer-requested, roll out of the rest of the Seven Dwarfs WDCC still-lifes, now planned to be released annually over the next four years…

*Stage Door
London -
Prince Edward
*Charcoal -
Blue Heeler

*Where Pictures
Shine - Hades

Garnering interest from new Buyers of my work has been my stage door series of drawings. And my process of sparse highlighting specifics spotlighted an almost magical detail above The Prince Edward Theatre entrance in this new release.
I’ve committed to draw lesser known, (yet no less loved) dog breeds to add to my Charcoal series, and these releases continued with the Blue Heeler, the products, accessories and gift line of which proved in 2016 to be one of the most popular in my Redbubble shop.”

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