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“2015 saw the ‘Quotes with Pictures’ online gallery increase in size by a quarter with its largest number to date of additions in a single year, of famous faces.
Charcoal lettering being part of portraits themselves has become a formative component, of my unique looking picture quotes. And perhaps no other profession than that of an author befits having actual words making up silhouettes of those called to put pen to paper…

Darwin Quotes -
Wonder Over
*Mark Twain
Quotes - The
Right Word

*Harriet Beecher
Stowe - The
Little Lady

Joining Charles Dickens, and in the same style as my drawing of his ‘Have a Heart’ quotation are two American authors, one of which is the revered Mark Twain. And my portrait of author Harriet Beecher Stowe moreover brought my first female addition to the ‘Abolitionists and Civil Rights Leaders’ group.
Art that encourages freethinking continues to be a large part of the ‘Quotes with Pictures’ online gallery. Darwin’s ‘Wonder Over Everything’ quote worked into my portrait of him, is perhaps, one of the most controversial additions so far, and I’m tremendously pleased to stand behind this fascinating study…


*Charcoal -
*Castle of the
Prince and

Nearly three months’ work went into the research, illustration and composite process used to create ‘William Bradford,’ the most intricate release of the year and what I feel to be a highly significant and important addition to the online gallery.
The Australian Shepherd continues my style of strong simple lines and completing for now, my still-lifes of Walt Disney Classics Collection castles is ‘Castle of the Prince and Cinderella’.

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