2014 Art Releases

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“For me the ‘summer of dogs, drawings and friends’ was a very happy part of 2014, and this brought with it, débuts of two rarer breeds in charcoal, the Borzoi (otherwise known as the Russian Wolfhound) and Cane Corso (otherwise known as the Italian Mastiff)…

*Stage Door
London -
Theatre Royal
Drury Lane

*Charcoal and
Oil - Happy

*Charcoal -

*Where Pictures
Shine -
Maleficent and
her Staff
*Charcoal -
Cane Corso

*Stage Door
London -

Happy joining one of my most popular WDCC still-lifes, Dopey, sent the call that five other dwarfs will be following over the next few years. And of course 2014 was the year that Disney released one of their first live-action re-makes, so how could I not add Maleficent to match my Evil Queen! And Cityscape Wall Art welcomed a brand new series called ‘Stage Door London’ with, the Lyceum and the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane in an unusually simple style for this online gallery. I felt though, that these special doors were exciting enough and would make a visually striking set on display in black and white.”

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